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Code wins arguments

Experienced Senior Developer Team Lead with a demonstrated history of working in the market research industry. Strong engineering professional skilled in Agile Methodologies, Scala, PHP, Python, Golang, SQL/NoSQL Databases, CI/CD tooling, microservices, serverless, docker and AWS adoption. Passionate advocate of establishing best practices to reliable software delivery via build, test and deployment automation.

Skills Summary


Kantar / Lightspeed Research / Global Market Insite

CI/CD platform design and implementation for AWS

2018-present: Cloud Architect and Software Delivery Engineer

Lightspeed/Kantar era: new platform - new identity

I was responsible for defining and implementing our “new ways of working” cloud architecture and software delivery platform. I focused on predictability, accessibility and availability. This involved defining our selection of AWS features to support our new serverless and stateful components, including infrastructure and software delivery pipelines. I participated in the various teams staggered over the year to drive the adoption of the new platform. This helped me understand their challenges and adjust the tooling and documentation as we worked together. As a result, we have proper processes and a successful continuous deployment model.

Microservices - backend & integration - cloud adoption

GMI/Lightspeed era: sale and merge

2013-2017: Architect & Technical Lead

Due to the merge we needed to integrate existing monolith systems as well as open ourselves for new possibilities. I led a team to bootstrap a microservices architecture to serve as the backbone of our core systems as well as provide integration solutions via RESTful APIs. As the microservices matured and our data center infrastructure aged, we started our cloud adoption. This involved introducing and training the team on new technologies such as docker and AWS ECS.

Market research applications and development tooling

GMI era: growth, consolidation, sale

2007-2017: Team Lead (Vancouver) 2004-2007: Team Lead (Hungary)

I led teams to implement and deliver multiple panel management solutions operated in a SaaS model. Participated in product design and also designed core features to utilize in various high level business features. Thanks to our Scrum Master training and certification we received, I started to focus on test and build automation and repeatable and trusted software delivery processes. Spearheaded the adoption of Continuous Integration, test automation through mentoring and sensible task assignments.

2000-2003: Software Developer (Hungary)

I was responsible for implementing the original sampling engine and web interface during GMIs early startup years. Later, this was expanded with a low level, high performance, scalable mailmerge solution. The slightly updated version of this system Common Mail Engine is still in use today. Good? Bad? It’s both.

Vancouver Southsiders


Currently serving as Club Secretary and President of this volunteer organization, the largest soccer supporter group of the Vancouver Whitecaps. Over the years I have grown to be the nucleus of our leadership, representing the group in the media and in negotiations and discussions with the club. I also organize our ticketing and away travel planning, and take care of the groups IT infrastructure.


MLab Research


Designed, implemented and delivered a full software project: research platform for academia - University of Florida. Includes the administrative backend, frontend with Android and iOS apps for sensory data collection


PHP Symfony, MongoDB, Android, iOS